Saturday, September 4, 2010

1 Hour Rotating, Holophonic and Binaural Merkaba Meditation

Description: THIS IS THE WORKS!!! This video includes both the mid and high theta binaural, holophonic sounds, overlapped and layered to give a natural holophonic sound on top of the holophonic bells. This audio combines the secret solfeggio Holy Harmony song to help induce DNA healing and upgrade, 3rd eye opening and pineal gland stimulation during your meditation and adds water effects and holophonic tibetan bells as well as an enhanced version of holophonic, binaural theta wave stimulation, which is the primary brain wave you experience during meditation. *** BEST LISTENED TO WITH HEADPHONES***

Your mind will never be the same!

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Over 60 minutes long, includes Holy Harmony solfeggio, 528 frequency solfeggio, holophonic tibetan bells, mid theta binaural and high theta binaural, holophonic sounds.

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  1. "Answers" will be a film that is designed to fulfill the prophecy by beginning world peace.