Friday, April 3, 2009

2012: Where's the Proof?

2012: Where's the Proof?
by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

The Mayans developed their calendar based on their advanced knowledge of the cosmos and mathematics. To this day, their calendar can predict every lunar eclipse with 30 seconds or so. On the day their calendar ends, the Earth and Sun are aligned with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, an event that only occurs once every 26,000 years. Also on that day, we go into what's called the precession of the equinoxes, also an event that occurs once every 26,000 years.

The Mayan calendar is based on cycles of 5,125 years, so we're not only at the end of one of these cycles, we're also at the end of the 26,000 year cycle. Because humans (as far as we know) weren't in existence (or at least writing about these events) 26,000 years ago, we have no proof of what will happen.

Meanwhile, on a different continent, the Egyptians had their own calendar which also ends in 2012. Other civilizations have 2012 end dates for their calendar too, such as the Aztec, Hopi and Hindu calendars. Additionally, the I-Ching has a 2012 correlation.

Yet, where's the proof that something will happen?

The Mayans and Sumerians knew of planets that weren't "discovered" by modern society until the 1900's. How did they know this? How did the Mayans know there was a Milky Way Galaxy and that there was a center to it, let alone know the exact day of the galactic alignment in 2012?

Similar to the pyramids in Egypt, some things still cannot be replicated with modern technology. The Mayan calendar and their knowledge of the cosmos are two prime examples.

At some point, we have to question how and why certain landmarks exist:

Underwater pyramids near Japan

We also should consider questioning our origins outside of what the bible claims to be "creation".

If you look at the lineage of mankind, there have been jumps in our evolution from homo habilis to homo erectus to homo sapien, without any gradual changes in between. This should be a red flag to anyone who studies evolution. Because there were no recorded documents at the times of evolutionary change, people dismiss the possibility of DNA upgrades because there are no tangible records of empirical data to support the theory.

That leads us to the scientific approach of explanations. We're told to believe that God created the Earth in seven days. If the world is going to rely on empirical data, then isn't it possible that the bible is fiction? Is it possible that God is a fallen angel? Just because the church and the bible tells us it's the truth, doesn't mean it's the truth.

Our entire solar system is currently going through dramatic climate changes which completely goes against the current solar minimum. Why? The mainstream scientists won't go out on a limb and admit that this has something to do with the galactic alignment, so it's up to us to out the pieces of the puzzle together.

So where's the proof?

That's for you to decide. Add up the evidence, research as much as you can and don't be swayed by anyone other than yourself and your intuition.

The bottom line is that I wouldn't worry about what others think when you tell them about 2012. We all have our own journey to travel and our own time to awaken. Some people aren't gonna awaken before 2012 and some will remain trapped inside the box.

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  1. you're right we must to awake the world.

  2. Are you sure the Mayans had that incredible knowledge? because I think the opposite I think Mayans were helped by other creatures didn't belong to the earth, because the incredible structures they built.

  3. Actually there's no prove of that, I never believe in that theories, well I don't believe in nothing but if it happens it happens and it wouldn't be helped.