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Attributes of a Crystal Child

Attributes of a Crystal Child
By Sharyl Jackson

What do we know about the children of the Crystal vibration? On the one hand, we know quite a lot. On the other hand, we know nothing very concrete. Like these children, the information at this time is more etheric, subtler and less obvious. Unlike their more “in your face” brother and sister Indigos, the Crystal children have not stirred things up - yet. September 11, 2001 was a turning point, a signal, and a gateway for this next wave of children. The Crystal children's time has come!

The Crystal children are probably, for the most part, the children of the Indigos. They may even be Indigos. In my most recent conversation with Lee Carroll about the Crystals, he stated they are Indigo artists. He could be right! It really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that each group or subgroup of children called forth from and by the Oneness be supported and allowed to fulfill their tasks, their divine purposes.

Steve Rother (owner of this site) and the Group call these kids The Peacemakers, while the Indigos have been called The Systems Busters. The Indigo kids were so named because of their distinctive indigo aura life color, indigo being the color of the third eye or the brow chakra. As such, they are very intuitive, mental, quick and easily bored. The Crystal children are so called, not because of their aura color, but because of their high vibration. Perhaps it will be noted in time that Crystals are more dominant in the crown chakra, the violet color spectrum, even the white and clear aura.

When did the Crystal children begin to arrive? There have always been a few according to the Group. These few were acting as scouts, testing the waters, but humanity did not treat them very well. Like the one known as Jesus the Christ, most often these scouts were killed, but they served the purpose of planting the seeds. It has often been noted that "Crystal and Christ" are very similar words and in this respect offer a similar definition. Keeping that in mind, the reader can get a good picture or feeling of what the Crystal children are like and what they are here for. Use your intuitive abilities to tune into the energy of these children, create Oneness with them and the result on the planet will be astounding.

With the arrival of the Indigo children, we saw a dramatic increase in the number of children being diagnosed as hyperactive or with ADD by the medical community. Much has already been written of this phenomenon, so I shall leave that for the experts. However, I wondered how the Crystals would be labeled, so I began to observe. What I began to hear was the word “autistic.” I am now quite convinced that we will see a dramatic increase in the number of autistic children. These are really the Crystal children (or artistic Indigos) who are so sensitive, so vulnerable to the world around them, that they go inward, disconnect as best they can from even humans and do their best to survive in a world where they really don’t yet fit.

Back to the question of how long the Crystal children have been here. In the last four decades or so, a few more than usual began to incarnate to anchor the energy. From my observation, it was one of the hardest jobs on the planet, but somebody had to do it, so a few "Great Ones" took on the task. It was not even certain at the time that the planet would ever by ready for the children of the Crystal vibration, but the space had to be created, the way had to be made, seeds had to sprout, just in case. And here we are in June 2002, having passed all of our own tests, welcoming larger numbers of these children, so apparently, we are ready! How do we recognize these new children or some of the few adult Crystals who, as forerunners, anchored the necessary energies? They are not out and about raising havoc, they are quietly living in relative obscurity, doing their very best to stay on the planet. I have had the pleasure and the honor, as well as the frustration, of raising one of these early Crystal pioneers who is now 27 years old. My personal experience, my intuition and hints provided by the Group are what I have used to compile a list of attributes of the children of the Crystal vibration. Please keep in mind that these attributes are not all inclusive, nor does every Crystal child necessarily exhibit every quality.

Extremely sensitive to everything in their environment -sound, colors, negative emotions in others, smells, food, chemicals, pollutants, the “feel” of clothing, violence, and pain of others, group consciousness, electromagnetic frequencies, solar flares.

So sensitive that they are deeply vulnerable, very powerful because of their intense vulnerability.

Must have alone time, do not live well in groups as few others understand their need for solitude, balance, rejuvenation, deep quiet.

Must have daily communion with nature and elements. The Spirit of Nature will help them balance and clear all of the disharmonious energies that affect them so strongly.

Just plain do not understand “Man’s inhumanity to Man,” war, greed, etc. Can easily feel totally overwhelmed by it all.

Will withdraw, disconnect, protect self if life is too intense, if they are traumatized or see and feel others traumatized.

Even though they are often quiet, others admire and are drawn to them like a magnet. They will have deep and lasting connections with humans who offer the unconditional love that the Crystal knows is the only true Love.

When a Crystal looks at you, you feel as if they have penetrated into your soul.

Really need very little traditional parenting as they are gentle, wise, and will be able to tell you what they need, what is good for them or not good for them. When my son was very young, he said one day, “I can never drink alcohol or take any drugs at all!” And he hasn’t!

Will often avoid crowds or malls. Too many different energies.
They have a deep love for children and animals. They have a remarkable way of connecting with all creatures.

Water is very beneficial in clearing and soothing them- baths, showers, waterfalls, fountains, playing in water and sand.

Require comfortable clothing of their choice of natural fibers and colors.

Require lots of pure water and often prefer fresh organic food.

Before they are born, they have often told their parents their name as well as other direct communication.
Miracles and magic happen around them -money appears, animals seek them out, babies smile at them, healings occur naturally.

Extremely empathic to the point of knowing what a stranger in the street is feeling.

Fear of intimacy because they so easily feel invaded, not respected. Would rather be alone than have their “personal body space” disregarded. Also may avoid romantic relationships for fear of hurting another if the relationship ends.
There is an innocence, a guilelessness, a purity, due to the absense of ego with Crystals.

May need help in learning to ground their energy with physical activity, nature, sports, martial arts, yoga or dance.

May disrupt electrical appliances, radios, TVs, computers.

Refrain from showing emotion for fear of its amplification and losing control, so may appear flat or passionless.

Can feel responsible for someone dying or getting hurt or even fighting.

Can and probably have had periods of deep depression.

Respond well to body work, massage, energy work by someone who is themselves balanced. Massage and cranio-sacral may be crucial to keeping their bodies healthy and pain-free.

Will often have a high metabolism and be natural vegetarians.

Bright, "big-picture individuals" with an instinctual understanding of the spiritual laws, of how it all works.

They have a clear connection to their higher-self, naturally accessing their highest guidance. It is precisely because of this they know the truth of spiritual Oneness.

Natural healers and peacemakers.


They are capable of regeneration of bone and tissue. Where most of us are gradually being upgraded -ascending to the Crystal energy, it is already in their DNA.

May be an individual of only a few words, but everyone listens when they quietly express their wisdom with humility.

However, they will not give advice without being asked and will never interfere.

© 2002 Sharyl Jackson

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  1. nothing to do with this post but I was on your Youtube channel and just got this messange "This account is suspended" and all videos removed :|:| . What just happened , why did they do that ?

  2. Amazing things are happening nowadays, I mean, days ago I read an article of an American geneticist who says there is a big percentage of children with three DNA helixes.

  3. I enjoyed following the whole entry, I always thought one of the main things to count when you write a blog is learning how to complement the ideas with images, that's exploiting at the maximum the possibilities of a ciber-space! Good work on this entry!