Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ancient Maps of Lemuria & Atlantis

No one knows the exact locations of these mythical land masses. Do you believe they existed? If so, where do you think they were?

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  1. For Lemuria i dont know, Atlantis for sure the map is right, near africa, myself I live on one of the canaries island and as old reincarnated soul of Atlantis, from the first day I have put a foot on this island, I feel back home, and I have the vibration of Atlantis back syncronise, the seven islands of the canaries ware seven mountains of atlantis and a projection on earth of the seven sun from the Pleiades, any question, I will be please to answer it,
    be blessed by Love and Light from the New Atlantis, Roberto

  2. I have one question: In your opinion, will Atlantis rise again?

  3. I have been reading alot of the topic, and my question would be, how long ago did Lemuria went underwater? Is it before the Sumerians?

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  5. Interesting, I don't really care that the world it's gonna end in 2012, I just believe that maybe something it's gonna happend, nothing like destroying or stuff like that.

  6. Greg,
    it s better late than never, I just notice today that I made a comment in March 2009 on your blog, and today, I arrive on it ( probably not by coincidence)and my answer on if Atlantis is rising again. Yes, because it is that Atlantis still exist in 4 or 5D and project his ethereal energy here in 3D. Of course as Atlantis was a 3D before disappear under the waves.Many Atlantes and Lemurian have reincarnated in this century to prevent the same greedy failure of their experiences in the old golden age of light, that cycle who is coming back after leaving the dark age of the Universe behind. It is not only our planet who will ascend, the entire creation will do, its part of our universal consciousness, nothing die, everything evolve, the only constant in this creation, is the eternal movement.
    PS you are missing a map, I don't know how I could give it to you, or post it, its a old map of Plato, showing the situation of Atlantis where right now you can find the Canaries Islands,who ware the seven mountains of Atlantis, and now the seven islands, also a projection of the seven sisters (Pleiades constellation) in a mirror look in image. The famous scorpion construction, that you find back in the Pharaoh dynasty blue print seeing from the sky. It is pure my personal interpretation of my awareness of my universal consciousness, NamastE

  7. I heard some time ago that Atlantis and Lemuria were expected to rise again. I found it interesting that although I'd heard about Atlantis so long ago I don't remember when I first heard about it, it's hearing about the possiblity of Lemuria (which I'd only ever even heard of this year) rising again that has really stuck with me, the idea of Atlantis rising again didn't even phase me despite knowing what it is and the devestation that could be caused by that much of the world shifting around, but hearing about Lemuria left me seeing images in my head that don't make sense to me, I might go as far as to say visions if I were sure. There is a part of me that can't help but wonder why because I have a hard time beleiving there is not a reason, I would think that the idea of Atlantis rising from the sea would hit me at least as hard.

  8. why would the rearrival of our original homes on this planet scare anyone,.... it brings peace to our minds that home will be located again,..... atlantis and lumeria are our true connections to the beginning of time here on this planet, honestly i am ellated to finnally have some knowledge to make since of who i am

  9. Excuse me, I have a question: What was your foundations for these maps? I really want to know if they have scientific bases because I have found an ancient map on a rock that appears to show Atlantis, but I'm not 100% sure.

    1. where is the rock which shows Atlantis. Can you display?