Sunday, March 22, 2009

Astral Dreaming in Color

Astral Dreaming in Color

One of the earliest psychic experiences I can remember having were flying dreams, commonly called Astral Projection or Etheric Projection. The spirit exits the body and consciously floats around in the ethers. It remains connected to the physical by a thin silver cord. I believe all children have flying dreams and most likely still have them in adult life.

I could fly. I had a swing in the back garden of the house I was born in. It was my pride and joy. I would swing on it all day long, facing the house with my back to the rhubarb patch, so I could watch my mother working in the kitchen. I believed it was a magic swing, because sometimes I could fly onto the top of the house. Occasionally I would get stuck on the roof, but somehow I'd find my way down. I never knew how, it just happened. When I was seven we moved to another house. My swing came with us, but other things took over and I didn't play on it as much or fly as often. I thought the two were related.

Then one day—I think I was twelve—I came home from school to find my swing gone. My mother had sold it to one of the neighbors. My first words to her were, "but I won't be able to fly again!" Most mothers would tell their child not to be so stupid—not mine. She said we'd get the swing back, but I realized that I was being selfish and thought how nice it would be for someone else to be given the opportunity to fly.

In recent years I've discovered that before the spirit comes out of the body, it rocks back and forth, releasing itself from the bondage of the physical plane. I had associated this rocking with the swinging motion of my toy, hence my belief that I could only fly using my swing. I have spoken to many people about this and they too have remembered flying dreams as children. I wonder if you can remember yours?

Astral Projection is something many people experience and is often termed Lucid Dreaming or is in some way related to lucid dreams. In our dreams we visit another plane of existence; sometimes the astral plane. These dreams are so real that we think we are there in physical form. The astral plane is a level containing thought emanations. Our astral bodies, when released from the physical and on the astral, will vibrate at a higher frequency, so the thought plane appears no different than everyday reality.

When we exit our bodies and stay on the earth plane we are Etheric Projecting, which tends to come about as the result of a desire to consciously leave the body. Out of Body Experiences, or OBE’s, have been reported by people who have suffered an accident or undergone treatment that requires anesthesia. These are not consciously driven experiences. Instead they are traumatic occurrences and emotional events that cause the spiritual body to exit the physical body. It is often in this state that the person having an out of body experience can look back on the physical and see exactly what is happening around him or her, and later accurately replay events.

The best way to astral project is to find a comfortable position and begin the process of relaxation. It is important to remain conscious while relaxing. Always remember that whenever you do this kind of work it is important to know that you are protected. If you are the kind of person that feels unsafe when attempting any form of spiritual, psychic, or intuitive work, then it is advisable to either not try astral projection or call on your guardian angels and helpers to protect you as you work.

Once you are at the point where you feel you are completely relaxed, make an intention to come out of your body. Picture above you a white light. Imagine your spirit body is beginning to move up from your feet. Visualize red. Imagine red is coming up from your feet, through your root chakra and as it moves up through the body it takes on the color of each chakra it passes through – Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. As you raise your energy to the crown chakra become aware of how palpable the white light is above you. Now join with the white light, and make an intention to completely exit your body. As you go through this process you may experience a gentle rocking sensation. This is a good sign and shows that you are on the right track. As you join with the light, look back and notice the silver cord connecting you to your physical self. Know that this cord will always bring you back to your body.

From this point on you can make an intention to visit loved ones on the earth plane, places of interest, or other planets and systems. As you travel be mindful of others' privacy. When you are ready to return to your body, your thoughts will bring you back. Before you come back into your body make an intention to cleanse your energy. Even if you are not aware of your helpers, say thank you for being protected and guided on this journey. As you re-enter your body, give yourself time to settle in before you wiggle your fingers and toes. Slowly bring yourself back to waking consciousness and take lots of deep breaths before you open your eyes.

See? You, too, can fly.


  1. Hi,

    This is truly awesome information on Astral Projection. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

    Astral projection is when your astro body leaves the physical body. We are multidimensional, we all have 7 sheath bodies and the astro body is one of them. The other 6 bodies are physical, mental, causal, etheric, emotional and spiritual. Some people can do astro project naturally and other people need to find the proper astral projection techniques so that they may do it properly.

    It may not work on the first try but don’t give up by making sure that you concentrate on these astral projection techniques you can achieve your goal.

  2. I've had 2 lucid flying dreams this past year. I think changes in the Sun are waking us up to these abilities. The colors in the dreams were much more vivid, more so than a regular dream and I was VERY aware that I was dreaming and made a conscious effort to look at my feet for some reason. Very bizarre.

    When I was 13 I also floated up to the ceiling and looked down at my body and was very disconcerted so I immediately 'sucked' my spirit back in.