Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Seven Gates of Dreaming

The Seven Gates of Dreaming

These are notes on: The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda

The first gate is to gain control over one's attention in dreams. The easiest way to do so is to look at things.

Try seeing your hands. It builds the ability to maintain intentionality in dreaming. The second gate is to learn how to wake up in the dream into yet another dream. This task builds the ability to change dreams at will.

The third gate of dreaming is reached when you find yourself in a dream, staring at someone else who is asleep and that someone else turns out to be you. You must have this dream as many times as it takes for it to no longer be a dream.

The fourth gate of dreaming involves learning to use the energy body as a means of travel, to places in this world and out, and especially to places in other people's dreams.

DREAMING 5th Gate of Dreaming (bridging): Ability to use the dreaming body in everyday life.

DREAMING 6th Gate of Dreaming (transporting): To move the physical body to another location.

DREAMING 7th Gate of Dreaming (transcending): To step beyond this world with ones total being.

source: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2237209438075995042&ei=hhG3SbaGLpOEqwKiwNgt&q=The+7+Gates+of+DREAMING


  1. 5th Gate= transporting in the 3rd Gate body..
    6th Gate= don't know yet..
    7th Gate= ditto

    1. Has anyone actually been doing lucid dreaming and passed the gates?

  2. Where did you get this information? I am currently working on first two gates of dreaming and have had 3 lucid dreaming events