Sunday, March 22, 2009

What Are Ascension Symptoms?

What Are Ascension Symptoms?

As you take in more Light, increasing your energetic vibration or frequency, your physical body and emotions can and will experience "symptoms" which manifest often as illness or feelings of dis-ease. The reason we experience these symptoms is because the body is working incredibly hard to assimilate the energy it is receiving, and to release that which has had a negative impact on the self, and the body will demonstrate side-effects as a result.

These symptoms are natural and often can be treated with time, rest, exercise and focus. However, if you are experiencing a symptom which is causing you any amount of discomfort or fear, it is wise to consult your doctor. While these symptoms are a bi-product of energetic Ascension, they can have very real and physical affects on your body, and in no way are you expected to heal these affects on your own. Consult your doctor as necessary, remembering your body is an important vessel in need of your care and upkeep.

Typical Ascension Symptoms

Here is a comprehensive list of many of the symptoms you may already be experiencing. This isn't shared to illicit a sense of fear in you, but rather to educate you to how your body assimilates energy.

Extreme fatigue

Depression, anxiety and panic

Memory lapses, moments of confusion regarding time/schedules

Intense or disturbing dreams, nightmares, terrors

Body tremor and shaking extremities

Extreme sensitivity to heat and cold

Heart burn, gastro intestinal upset, digestive issues

Emotional overload, sensitivity

Headaches, blurry eyes

Revival of childhood ailments ie: Tonsillitis, poison ivy, joint issues.

Extremely cold feet and hands

These are, of course, just a few of the most prevalent symptoms people experience. Your symptom s will be personal to yourself, and the energy you are assimilating, and of course will also vary depending on how much you are honoring your body and your emotions.

Ascension has brought many physical issues to light for me personally, among them being a severe body tremor for a few days each month, when I am processing new energy, heart palpitation (which I saw specialists regarding) and extreme fatigue. I also experienced a four year period of extreme panic disorder which I worked through with a combination of medication, therapy, and meditation.

Easing Symptoms

Remember, you are not a victim, you are a Light worker! There will always be trying days in this experience, and if you find yourself feeling battered or bruised by your particular symptoms, please know you can be proactive in seeking relief. Here is a list of some of the things you can do to ease your symptoms:

See your physician, get a physical, rule out health issues.

Meditate, take time to nurture your spirit.

Take sea salt baths, make time for leisure and relaxation.

Drink lots of water, eat healthy live foods, get plenty of exercise.

Sleep as much as you need to, this is an exhausting process.

Ask for assistance from the Universe, be it your guides, angels, higher Self.

Don't ignore repetitive symptoms, they often pinpoint an underlying blockage.

Love and accept yourself, and others.


  1. I'm getting a number of these symptoms and have had some since last year, maybe earlier. Dreadful weariness, sometimes unable to even stand up and cook the family meals, so I've gone to bed early. Some of that has now passed. I was really bothered by it, especially being in menopause, not only is my body changing due to age but also, now I find, due to 2012 syndrome, as I call it....a doubly whammy.
    It has been comforting to read articles like this and realise that my aches and pains are in fact to be expected, due to the ascension.

  2. OK I'm scare right now, all the symptoms taht you put in this occassion, I was suffering, this start some months ago, if my memory don't fail me this start around the end of the last year.