Sunday, March 22, 2009

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Ascension

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Ascension
by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

The meteoric rise of children (and adults) who were diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) makes one ponder about the spiritual relevence of this anomaly.

Children and adults with ADD and ADHD commonly feel like they have a plethora of energy and need to find creative ways to expend this energy.

The key words is "energy".

Every thought contains energy that is sent out to the universe and recreated within our societal mandlebrot as the "now". Many people diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, have a difficult time focusing on anything they find mundane, such as school, rules and authority figures (or anyone, in general) who cannot relate or understand them. There are many more undiagnosed cases of ADD and ADHD where people feel this same anomaly.

Is it a coincidence that the prevalence of ADD and ADHD has come at a time when people have incarnated to this planet with very little time to garnish and/or remember any negative karma?

Is it a possibility that ADD and ADHD are protective insurance measures that people took out when they agreed to come to this planet to help with the ascension process without having the liability of negative karmic debt?

In a world where people who have a medical diagnosis are looked at as being "different" from the norm, is this difference a blessing instead of a curse?

On each quarter of every report card, my teachers would comment, "Fails to pay attention". I remember in 3rd grade sitting in the front row of the class, humming to myself. The teacher asked me, "What are you doing?" "Nothing," I told her. I found school incredibly boring and mundane and my IQ never matched the grades I received in school.

College was a totally different experience. I got to choose the classes that were interesting to me and, not surprisingly, I graduated from college with a 3.14 gpa and a 3.50 gpa for my masters degree without any medication for my diagnosis of ADHD.

People with ADD and ADHD learn coping skills to deal with this "disorder". In school, a child can sit in front of the class, away from any windows. The teacher can tap the child on the shoulder if he or she notices the child drifting away from the subject being taught. If allowed in school, the student can chew gum which also helps people with ADD or ADHD maintain focus.

I tried several medications for ADHD such as Strattera and Adderall. Straterra, a non-narcotic medication, made me feel like a zombie. Adderall, an amphetamine stimulant, mellowed me out and gave me incredible focus but for some reason, I felt the medication wasn't necessary. In any other medical issue, I would advise going with what your physician prescribes but in the case of ADD and ADHD, I believe it's an over-prescribed and diagnosed "disorder" that has a definitive spiritual purpose and can be easily be controlled with coping skills.

Ironically, those with ADD and ADHD tend to think outside the box as their minds are constantly wandering. They're usually creative in the art and music field and have no problem maintaining focus when their minds are occupied on something they love to do. They will come up with ideas that are so outside-the-box that others will initially discredit their ideas because the ideas are too advanced and cannot be described articulately enough for others to understand the end results. They are often innocently forgetful and have a difficult time remembering anything past or present.

They often have a difficult time fitting into cliques and can relate to almost every clique, but many not want to be part of any of them, distancing themselves from any possible karmic debt associated with these cliques.

Some are described as "scattered," loners or wanderers who are trying to find others who are like them or people who can accept them for who they are without conforming to societal standards.

Many feel confused as to why they have ADD or ADHD and cannot understand why other people have such an easy time remembering past or recent thoughts.

Many feel like they "don't belong here" and have a sense of where "home" is but it's not necessarily "here".

If you have ADD or ADHD, look inside yourself to the reasons why you have it and how you can use it to better yourself and others. You were given this gift for a reason... it's time to find out what that reason is.


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  1. Hi, my little son Dave has ADD and I'd like to know if there is a pill that I can buy in order to make him feel better... By the way, what's up with the new treatments for ADD?